(Photo: Lee Richardson Zoo's blog)

(Photo: Lee Richardson Zoo’s blog)

A Critical New Addition to the Lee Richardson Zoo

Lee Richardson Zoo welcomed their first baby of 2015 on January 5: a healthy, fourteen-pound female addax calf. The addax is a large antelope native to the Sahara Desert and is well adapted to the harsh desert climate. They survive on sparse vegetation and can go weeks to months without drinking water. The addax is classified as critically endangered by the IUCN’s Red List, with major threats being hunting, drought, and habitat loss. Read More

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Every day, 96 African elephants are killed by poachers – 35,000 in 2012 alone. But there’s hope: conservationists and elephant experts, including those at AZA-accredited zoos, are working with government officials, local communities, and rangers dedicated to stopping poaching.You can help.

Polar Bears International and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums are partnering to connect zoo and aquarium visitors to the impacts of climate disruption on polar bears. AZA-accredited institutions also take part in the Polar Bear Species Survival Plan, a cooperative effort to maintain healthy, genetically diverse populations in zoos and aquariums and to support field conservation efforts. Get involved

Wild tigers are in trouble and need our help. Four of nine subspecies are extinct in the wild, and the Amur, Malayan, and Sumatran subspecies each number fewer than 500 in the wild as the result of poaching and habitat loss. AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums are taking action, raising money and awareness through the Tiger Conservation Campaign. Learn about the campaign and spread the word!

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Bison (photo: The Bronx Zoo's Facebook page)

Celebrate National Bison Day!

There are no two ways about it: the bison is an American icon. This thunderous behemoth of the western plains has inspired countless generations of artists, writers, conservationists, and policymakers to share and preserve the beauty of wild North America. Just over a century ago, bison populations teetered at the brink of extinction. They were… Read More

(Photo: Phoenix Zoo's Facebook page)

Phoenix Zoo Welcomes Threatened Gartersnakes

The Phoenix Zoo welcomed 18 narrow-headed gartersnakes on July 2, 2014 – the first of their species ever born at the zoo and the result of five years of breeding attempts. The births come at a critical time: just five days later, the US Fish and Wildlife Service listed the species, native to Arizona and New Mexico,… Read More

carpenter-frog (Photo: Dick Bartlett)

Volunteers Nationwide Get Involved with FrogWatch USA

FrogWatch USATM is AZA’s citizen science program that invites individuals and families to learn about the wetlands in their communities and help conserve amphibians by reporting the calls of local frogs and toads. For more than ten years, volunteers have been trained how to collect and contribute data to this nationwide program that can be… Read More

(photo: Buffalo Zoo)

Rhino Conceived by Artificial Insemination Born at Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo welcomed a female Indian Rhino calf, named Monica, on June 5. She was conceived through artificial insemination with the help of The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW). The baby rhino, weighing in at 144 pounds, is the first offspring for a male rhino who… Read More

(Photo: Sacramento Zoo)

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there – of all species! Red river hogs enjoy a snack with dad at the Sacramento Zoo! YUM!   Boris, a male cassowary, with his chick Hallager at the Virginia Zoo just after he hatched on June 11, 2013. Cassowary fathers incubate the eggs and look after the… Read More

Photo: Ryan Hawk, Woodland Park Zoo

Rare Pheasant Hatches at Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo welcomed an Edwards’s pheasant on May 21 – the first of its species to hatch at the zoo. The Edwards’s pheasant, native to the rain forests of central Vietnam, is listed as critically endangered and perhaps even extinct in the wild. The last confirmed sighting was in 2000, and none were… Read More

(Photo: Saint Louis Zoo)

Save a Zebra!

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and Zebra Pen Corporation are collaborating to support the conservation of the endangered Grevy’s zebra! Zebra Pen has committed to a $15,000 contribution to support the conservation of the endangered Grevy’s zebra. The contribution will help fund AZA conservation programs and Grevy’s Zebra Trust — the only organization… Read More

(Photo: Mote Marine Laboratory's Facebook page)

Celebrate World Oceans Day!

June 8th is World Oceans Day, a time to celebrate this wonderful resource that gives us so many essentials for life. Our oceans and the wide variety of species that live there are in danger from habitat loss, climate change, marine debris, over-fishing, chemical pollutants, marine noise, bioaccumulation, and acidification. AZA-accredited organizations work year-round on conservation… Read More

Oswald (Oregon Coast's Aquarium's Facebook page)

Otter-ly Adorable!

Meet Oswald and Juno: two sea otter pups that were discovered abandoned on California’s coastline. Oswald was found in November 2013 and Juno in January 2014. Staff with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation program arranged for the rescue of the pups and their transport to Monterey. Take a look at Oswald having a… Read More


Celebrate World Turtle Day!

Friday, May 23rd is World Turtle Day! Many AZA-accredited institutions take part in conservation and rehabilitation of turtles of all kinds. Here are just a few of their stories: The Georgia Aquarium rehabilitates and releases loggerhead sea turtles back into their natural habitats through their 4R program. They satellite-tag the turtles, which allows them to… Read More